Application steps

  1. Application: Please apply to the International Students Office (IStO) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) or the Akademischen Auslandsamt (Studierendensekretariat)  of the University of Stuttgart.

    For questions regarding the application process, please contact the IStO or the student secretariat.

  2. Registration: Upon receipt of a "Vormerkung", you will be automatically notified to the Studienkolleg for an entrance test and will receive a request to register. Please register under registration AT-D in the specified period for the entrance test.

  3. Admission entrance test: You will be informed after the registration period if you can take the entrance test. If there are more registrations than places, a selection procedure will be carried out.

  4. Entrance test: The entrance test can only be attended with a valid "Vormerkung". Therefore bring your reservation to the entrance test. The entrance test lasts about 1,5 h.

  5. Announcement: Depending on the test result and the availability of the places you will be admitted to the Studienkolleg. The announcement of the results is promptly (about 3 working days) after the entrance test.

  6. Enrollment: If you are admitted to the Studienkolleg, the enrollment will take place between the entrance test and the beginning of the course. You will receive further information on this with the announcement.