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The preparatory TestDaF courses (D courses: D120 and D220) prepare for the digital TestDaF within one to two semesters. Based on the results of the entrance test, you will be assigned to either the two-semester German course (D120) or the one-semester German course (D220), depending on your language level. Participation in the course is linked to enrollment in the KIT preparatory college. The courses expand the linguistic skills with regard to the daily linguistic requirements in the courses at  universities. At the end of the course, we guarantee you an exam place for the digital TestDaF, which you can take at our TestDaF center.

A university degree requires international students to have various communicative skills in order to be able to cope with the linguistic challenges and successfully complete the degree. A selection of these study-relevant competencies was determined by the TestDaF Institute and can be found in the tasks of the digital TestDaF. In our preparatory TestDaF courses, we promote the expansion of your linguistic skills and familiarize you with the test format of the four test parts of the digital TestDaF (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression). Together we develop solution strategies for the individual types of tasks and train specifically how to handle the examination tasks. You will also take part in a complete TestDaF model test. Tests during the semester allow a detailed assessment of your performance and are supplemented by important learning tips for the final test preparation.


  • Have discussions about the organization of your studies and everyday questions
  • Conducting subject-related discussions with fellow students and teachers, also referring to reading

  • Hold short presentations

  • react to other contributions and / or make your own contribution

  • Discussions follow and take a position if necessary

  • Listen to lectures / lectures, read handouts / PowerPoint slides, take notes

  • Process reading, take notes, write texts for it

  • Write written texts such as forum contributions or text passages for a term paper

Required equipment

  • own PC or laptop
  • reliable internet connection
  • Web browser

Fee: 550 € / semester

Scope: 20 SWS (ca. 280 TU)/semester