• Students, PhD students and post-docs at KIT
  • KIT employees
  • Spouses of KIT employees

Prior to enrolling in a German language course, it is mandatory to pass a placement test (see course selection/description). Those with no previous knowledge of German should register for A1 courses. Registration can be completed exclusively online via our registration system. Prospective students without a KIT account can apply here for a DaF account at least 7 days before registration starts. 

Late registrations cannot be considered.

If you no longer plan to take the course, please withdraw by e-mail info-daf∂stk.kit.edu


Students who completed the previous level at the Studienkolleg last semester (or before) are required to present their course certificates/ToR at the first class. All other students must pass the placement test in order to register. The outcome of the placement test will determine which courses you are eligible to take.
Please bring the proof of your score to the first class.

Should a participant fail to take the placement test, the Studienkolleg cannot guarantee a place in a particular course or that the booked course corresponds to the language level desired.

Students enrolled at KIT are entitled to one German course per semester free of charge. All other participants are required to pay the course fee. The fee must be paid upon registration. Please remit the fee to the account provided. With the payment of the course fee, registration is binding for both parties. The registered person accepts the general regulations of the Studienkolleg.

The fee for the course will only be reimbursed in the event that

  • the course is canceled by the student at the latest 10 days before the start date or
  • if the course itself is cancelled.


  • If free participants are absent from the first lesson, they will be replaced by someone on the waiting list and their registration will be cancelled.
  • If a spot becomes available and participants on the waiting list can move up, they will receive a notification by e-mail during the first week of the course. 

Please be advised that it is not possible to change a course once registration has been completed. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your registration reflects your placement test results and level. 


ECTS points are granted, if:

  • the participant attends the lessons regularly (min. 80%) and
  • the written examination at the end of the course is passed successfully.

You can apply in writing for a possible insight into your exam answers no later than 4 weeks after notification of the results at

info-daf does-not-exist.stk kit edu.

The minimal number of participants is 15. With less than 15 participants the course can be cancelled.

Any further questions? Please contact us: info-daf∂stk.kit.edu

Für Fragen und weitere Informationen: info-daf∂stk.kit.edu

Further information: info-daf∂stk.kit.edu