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4th Step: Enrollment

Your personal enrollment date will be posted on our notice board, in the third floor of the Studienkolleg building.

Kindly be punctual when enrolling for the Studienkolleg, as no other dates will be possible.
Please bring along the following documents:

  • Passport with valid visa for studies or corresponding residence permit
  • Two personal data forms – already completed –
  • Two passport photos – please write your first name, your family name, and the date of birth in printed letters on the back
  • Two copies of your admission letter
  • Copy of your graduation certificate (Abitur or equivalent high school graduation) in German, English or French, or: copy of the translated graduation certificate
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Receipt confirming payment of the administrative fee (EUR 100) with the purpose “NEUSTK” for all courses being indicated
  • Receipt confirming payment of the course fee (EUR 350) with the purpose “XD2003600011” for DA220, DB120, DB220 courses being indicated
  • Note: Please use both payment forms, as the accounts are different!


 When making payments, kindly note the following:

√  Names, first names, dates of birth, and the course have to be indicated on all receipts.

√  Kindly pay the administrative fee and the course fee in cash to the Karlsruhe office of the Deutsche Bundesbank or the Post Office.

√  Die Semestergebühr zahlen Sie bitte bei der Post bar ein.


During your personal enrollment, you'll be given a receipt that will allow you to purchase the Semesterticket for public transportation.