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After the admission

After you have been admitted to a course, your studies with the Studienkolleg will start on the opening day. The first phase is an orientation phase (O-phase) with information events.

On the opening day, you will be informed

  • in which course you are,
  • which lessons you will have,
  • how you will have to enroll,
  • and which information events will be offered during the orientation phase (O phase).

In the opening day, you will obtain all documents and information about your course, enrollment, and the payment of the course fees and administrative fees. Please do not pay in advance!


Information Concerning the Orientation Phase

The Orientation Phase takes several days and should facilitate the start of the university life for the new students. During the orientation phase, enrollment of the students takes place. In addition, students have the opportunity to settle open questions, e.g. with respect to insurances.

Current information on the orientation phase will be given on the opening day.


Places visited during the Orientation Phase