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Admission to Studienkolleg

In order to get admitted to Studienkolleg, basic knowledge of the German language is required. Applicants are expected to have a knowledge corresponding to level “Zertifikat DaF des Goethe-Instituts” (DaF certificate of the Goethe Institute) or an equivalent. This knowledge will be tested in an entrance test.


  • To those participants, who have to take the DSH and are applying for admission to a DB220 course, the test will also serve as a placement test to determine the appropriate courses.

    By an auditory comprehension test and an oral examination, very good participants are given the opportunity to be admitted to a German language course (DB210) accompanying the university studies, if the conditions for enrollment are met.

    If your knowledge of the German language is not yet sufficient, you can take part in a preparatory language course (DB120).

  • Participants, who have to take the Feststellungsprüfung and are applying for admission to a K course, will also have to take a written test in mathematics and possibly aditional oral or written tests in physics / chemistry / computer science. These tests are held in the German language and their level is equivalent to the starting level of our first semester courses.


Taking and approving the entrance test does not assure you a place in the Studienkolleg.