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Terms and Conditions

  1. Who Can Participate?
    • Students, PhD students, and post-docs at KIT
    • KIT Employees
    • Spouses of KIT employees
  2. Registration

    You can register via our registration system.
    After the start of the course, registrations are possible only via the “German as a Foreign Language” office (see below).

  3. Fees

    All courses are subject to fees.
    The fee has to be paid within 2 days upon registration and at the latest when the course starts. For payment, please remit the fee to the account given.
    In case of registrations after the start of the course, the fee shall be paid within seven days.
    With the payment of the course fee, registration is binding for both sides.
    With binding registration, the registered person accepts the general regulations of the Studienkolleg (preparatory college), e.g. the prohibition of mobile phones during lessons.
    The course fees will be reimbursed, if

    • deregistration takes place prior to the start of the course,
    • a course cannot take place.
  4. Classification

    For participation in a course, a classification test is required. If the participant fails to take part in this test with his own fault, the Studienkolleg will not guarantee that the booked course actually corresponds to the language level desired.

  5. Change of the Course

    A change of a course has to be applied for with the “German as a Foreign Language” office and is subject to its approval (see below).

  6. Performance Records

    ECTS points are granted, if

    • the participant is present in at least 80% of the lessons,
    • the written examination at the end of the course is passed successfully.


“German as a Foreign Language” (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) Office
Ksenija Fazlic-Walter
ksenija fazlic-walterPwj4∂kit edu
Office hours: Wednesday 13.00 – 14.00 hrs
Room 312